Not sure how to install nonarch.rpm files on /Downloads

Got this package : . not sure how to change to downloads directory and install.


Then Using, not fusion, but the standard

> sudo apt-get install rpm , still not sure how to install this package .. Do I need to Unarchive or de|restrict ?

What dependencies would this need to be installed ? & are those already installed on elementaryOS ?


$I note the command for rpm files is #rpm -ihv Efilename.i686.rpm or Efilename.i386.rpm




Children naming – The problems with coconut Elementary Os

  • Don’t know how to change to another screen on the Displays menu /settings reading/That is all for now.
  • Don’t know how to get f-IRC amd64 do be an entry into the menulibre\whisker menu.
  • Does this ship with a free user guide ?
  • Big huggs – That is all for now